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2020 Gratitude Calendar

2020 Gratitude Calendar

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+ 18" x 24" wall calendar
+ includes all U.S. Federal and many observed holidays
+ full moon and new moon phases
+ Mercury retrograde periods
+ encourages mindfulness & positive cognition training*
+ issued on beautiful, art-print quality paper
+ crafted locally in Los Angeles, CA
+ designed by C. Killian


+ succulent green—sold out
+ rose (light pink)—only 1 left!
+ coral (orange/pink hue)—sold out

How to use: write one thing each day that makes you feel grateful. Watch as your stress levels lower, heart expands, and resilience abounds.


*Our brains are pretty much hardwired for reactivity, which means we're wired to react to experiences from a felt-sense of being threatened. (Think "defensiveness.") Reponsiveness, on the other hand, is when we react to experiences from a felt-sense of SAFETY. (Think "confidence.") When you express gratitude, you're firing neurons down your brain's 'responsive' pathways. The more you do it, the stronger those pathways get and the more responsive you become. Onward confidence. Onward resilience. If that's not a reason to practice gratitude once a day, I don't know what is.


Want to take your calendar to the next level?? 
Check out these frames by Timber + Salt Design!


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