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'BUT FIRST, FALL' CANDLE (Mountain Hike)

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This crisp scent, with natural essential oils of cedar leaf and fir needle, paired with cypress and sweet tonka beans makes you feel like you’re walking through the foliage-laced woods on the very first day of fall every time you light it.

There’s a double-entendre here: to allow yourself to fall is to allow yourself to surrender to the path you choose to follow. Lighting this candle reminds you to trust your path through ups and downs—freedom is in the free-fall.

Then there’s the fact that everyone loves autumn.

It transitions perfectly to keep you cozy during winter months, as well.

Notes: White Birch / Cypress / Sweet Tonka

+ Phthalate-Free
+ Lead-Free, Cotton Wicks
+ 100% Soy Wax
+ Hand-poured in Los Angeles, CA

Hiatus x The Heart of Happy Collaboration


Note: As with all candles, handle with care, do not let wax get below 1," and do not leave unattended.