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2024 Gratitude Calendars Are HERE!


These calendars are printed on high quality matte paper sourced from Japan. They are bright white and not textured, so the colors really 'pop.' These calendars are offered at the same low cost as previous years and also have a hanging frame option, for those of you looking to display it with style.


My OG readers will recognize this beautiful textured mohawk paper as I've been using it since 2016. Unfortunately, it has become harder to source and I've had to raise the price-point to adjust to the times. This paper is soft to the touch and slightly textured with an eggshell tone that softens the vibrancy of the colors.

ALL calendars come locked-and-loaded with US holidays and full + new moon phases. Your job is to write in one thing every day that makes you feel gratitude and to bask in the glow of the aftermath.


+ 18" x 24" wall calendar
+ encourages positive cognition training
+ issued on beautiful, high-quality paper
+ crafted locally in Los Angeles, CA
+ available in a variety of color options


Due to the rise in production costs for just about everything, I've had to make some adjustments. I am attached the to eggshell paper I've been using since 2016, but I also want to be able to keep prices low. So, in an effort to offer you more choice and pricing flexibility, I've expanded your options!

Evergreen Calendars offer even more freedom

Start Your Practice Any Time

With this ultra-minimalist gratitude calendar, you fill in the header year(s) and the months. Then all you have to do is write in one thing each day that you feel grateful for—watch as your heart expands, your stress levels lower, and your resilience abounds.



Calendar Testimonials

They are the best! I told all my friends about them. I love keeping these as memories for when we grow older. I hope you don't stop making them!!


It's my first year using it and I can tell it's made me a more positive, grateful human being. It's helped manage some of my ADHD symptoms—perfect grouding technique! I'll be recommending it to everyone.


I LOVE THIS CALENDAR! It has given me a more positive perspective and it's a piece of art on my wall.


Having a gratitude calendar on the wall was so perfect for me because I’m such a visual person. I will miss a few days here and there but that actually makes me focus on gratitude even more. I think back to the days that have passed and think deeply about what memory stands out and take a moment be grateful. A day doesn’t go missed. I love when my 8 year-old daughter takes a day—it’s sweet to see what filled her heart in that moment.


It's great to use with my daughter at the end of each day! I think it's teaching us both to appreciate the little things more.


This was my favorite item in my entire house! 


The Free, Not Radical line is centered on mindfulness, gratitude, and self-care because you deserve products that lift you up.